Text Clips


Clips are small text fragments, which are grouped by folders. They are not binded to any lexers.

Clips panel

To call clips, first activate the Clips panel by menu command "Window -- Panels -- Text Clips panel", then select desired folder in the panel combobox. Double-click panel items to insert clips into editor. You have context menu to perform some actions on clips.

Note: to display all Unicode characters in the Clips panel, you need to use rich font, such as Tahoma (Options dialog, "Fonts" tab, button "Output panel").

There are clips of such kinds:

Files are located in the subfolders of "Data\clips" subfolder of SynWrite installation folder. Each subfolder name is a group shown in Clips panel, if it's not empty. Any number of files is allowed in one folder.

Format of text-collection

File encoding is ANSI or UTF-16 with BOM. Simple format: one line is one clip. Each line has format:

or without "=" char:

List hotkeys

Predefined clips don't have hotkeys, but you can add them in your clips. Such hotkey moves focus to its clip, while Clips panel listbox is focused.
For this purpose save clip name with "[N]" substring, where "N" is a single letter or digit hotkey. Even for snippet format you can add such hotkey inside snippet name.