SmartTagTabbing is a special feature for HTML documents (it can also be used with PHP lexer while caret is inside HTML part). The original idea is taken from one nice text editor called Intype.

The feature has two major parts:

Expanding of tag names

In editor enter some tag name, e.g. "a" or "title" without HTML bracket, and press Tab key. The full tag form will be substituted instead of a typed word.

a <a href="" title="Title" target="_blank"></a>
td <td></td>

If you have typed wrong tag name, then Tab pressing will do nothing (and show warning text in the application status-bar).
This feature is similar to the "Code Templates" feature, but is more powerful because:

Jumping over tag parts with Tab key

After you have expanded tag name into full form, you can continue to press Tab key - this results in caret jumping over tag parts (Note: only for complex tags like <a>, <img> etc):

So Tab pressing, while caret is inside tag brackets, allows to quickly jump over tag parts, delete unneeded parts (which are auto-selected) with Del, and jump to the following parts.

Notes for jumping feature

Customizing tags list

To edit predefined tag forms, or to add new tags, you can edit the file "Html_Tabbing.ini", located in "Data\autocomplete" subfolder of SynWrite folder. This file is overwritten on each SynWrite installation, so keep a copy of it.