SynWrite combines great ideas from many well known editors into a single, freely available product. It's a complete environment for Web workers, coders and writers.

SynWrite's many features include macro recording, code highlighting, code folding, multi-caret editing and regular expressions. (See feature list below.)

You can easily extend the editor with plugins written in the Python scripting language. Many plugins are available here, and you can write your own.

You can easily configure it to your needs and even take it with you on a USB flash drive. It's free, open-source software.

SynWrite is superceded by CudaText. In short:
  • CudaText is cross-platform.
  • CudaText has lot of optimizations (startup time, editing speed, multi-threaded parser).
  • CudaText is open source, while SynWrite is 30% closed, and is hard to compile by other people.
  • The developer has much more control on CudaText codebase (SynWrite has big portions of legacy code).
  • CudaText features and Python API are more powerfull.

SynWrite features

Fully customizable syntax highlighting for many languages (see list)

Code folding
Supports almost all encoding systems (ASCII, Unicode, etc.)
Multiple-caret editing (see animation)
Multiple selections (see animation)
  • Tree view for source code
  • File manager
  • Project management
  • FTP/SFTP client
  • Document mini-map
  • Clipboard history
  • External tools output
  • Search results
  • Text clips
  • Tabs list
Coding helpers:
  • Auto-completion (for few lexers, see help topic)
  • Auto-closing of tags/brackets
  • Code templates
  • SmartTagTabbing feature (see animation)
  • SyncEditing feature to edit identical identifiers (see animation)
  • Emmet (Zen Coding) support (HTML + CSS + XSL high speed coding engine)
  • Color preview
  • Color picker
  • Image preview
  • Insert image tags
  • Insert date/time stamps
  • Portable bookmarks
  • Column markers
  • Micro-map
Search and replace with regular expressions
Search and replace in multiple files
Supports calling external tools
Supports Python plugins
Regex-based strings extraction
Customizable hotkeys
Key macros
File sessions
Plugin for "Total Commander" file manager
Multilingual interface: German, French, Spanish etc.
Integrated HTML Tidy library
Export to RTF/HTML with syntax highlighting
Portable mode
...and more!